Featured products

We’re always looking for something special for our customers, whether its the latest product range or a seasonal idea. Here are some of our favourites!

Villa Nova’s Picturebook Collection

Villa Nova is one of our favourite design houses, and they have really struck gold with their Picturebook collection, aimed solidly at families with young children.

The Arctic Bear pattern shown here has been created by children’s illustrator Frann Preston-Gannon, and we just love its simple, gentle feel.

You can order this delightful pattern as a wallpaper, rug or cushion on the site. We can also help you with fabrics in this pattern, so please get in touch and we can talk to you about your options.

You may also love some of the other brilliant patterns in the Picturebook Collection, which also features the work of illustrators Christopher Corr and Yuval Zommer.

The William Morris Collection

Nobody does timeless elegance quite like Morris & Co. The company was established by the legendary William Morris, and the patterns he and his design teams have created are some of the best-loved in British interior design.

As well as wallcoverings and cushions, we can also source waste bins, umbrella stands and a range of other accessories for your home.

You can see some of the items from full collection here on our site, or drop in and talk to us about the many different options from this classic designer.